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For first time in 20 seasons Philly seeking a GM
After 20 seasons the Philadelphia Flyers enter foreign territory as General Manager Doug Van Strepen has stepped down.
A career that dates back to the inaugural season of what has now becoming one of the longest running simulation hockey leagues in history, Van Strepen managed the Flyers through approximately 1,800 games when playoffs are factored in. Counting pre-season games, that number tops a staggering 2,000 matches, easily Hall of Fame level numbers.
While Van Strepen didn't quite reach the pinnacle of success all GM's strive for -a WCHL Cup title- his squads had several lengthy playoff runs, making the conference finals on more than a few occasions.
The WCHL is hopefully to fill the vacancy sooner rather than later with the season still young, however the successful applicant will clearly have big shoes to fill.
Thanks Doug for your contributions. The league wouldn't have been what it was -and what it is- without you. A tip of the cap to you from us all at the WCHL.

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