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Trade Deadline

The trading deadline is on September 21st at Midnight (EST). All deals must be posted and accepted by both GMs before the deadline for the trade to be valid.

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Season 11 Power Rankings - 7th Edition

With the trade deadline days away, this Power Ranking is a reflection of the teams making a big move for the playoffs. Pittsburgh maintains its top spot and some familiar names sit close to the top. The race in the West is heating up and based on these rankings it looks like Chicago and Edmonton might be in the drivers seat. This is the final Power Ranking of the regular season and the next Power Ranking will be a playoff preview.

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WCHL News: Results of Rules Voting

The results of the rules voting is completed, and is now posted on the message board. Please follow this link to see the results:

Any comments, please post them on the forum.

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Season 11 Power Rankings - 6th Edition

The 6th Edition of Season 11's Power Rankings sees another team from Pennsylvania at the top and some other teams who are coming on strong with final pushes just in time for the playoff race. With the trade deadline around the corner, the big swings in the power rankings might force some GMs to give a second thought about whether they're buyers or sellers over the next few weeks.

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