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Welcome to the new WCHL website!

Welcome to the new home of the WCHL.

It's still a work in progress and we will hopefully be adding new elements in the offseason as well as updating some areas of the site, such as the Rules section and the GM Bios. This new site will be a lot easier to manage, update and add content to as well as allow you to comment on news and updates. Furthermore, everything posted to the site will be archived, so you can go back and look at old news, power rankings, etc. We can also categorize all the news as well. Both of these features can be found on the right sidebar. The site is also RSS and Atom compliant so if you use those you'll be able to get instant updates when the site gets updated. Overall, it'll be a huge improvement over the makeshift site we had before.

Currently the website will redirect from the address to this blogspot one. We're sorting out how to make this site use the old address, but in the meantime we hope you're not too annoyed by the quick redirect. The site also might not work for you if you use Internet Explorer 6.0 or older. The newest version of Explorer (as well as many other popular browsers) works perfectly with the site though.

Also if you find anything that needs fixing or have any ideas for the site please let me know. If you want to help by writing articles, doing GM interviews or in any way that you'd like to contribute feel free to do so by getting in touch with Jim or Trent. Every little bit helps.


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